5 Ways to Make Smarter Product Bets with Product Intelligence

Digital teams use product intelligence to deliver experiences that continuously engage, delight, and foster loyalty throughout the customer journey. Read more.

Future of Data: 5 Ways to Make Smarter Product Bets with Product Intelligence

McKinsey found that half of digital leaders collect and analyze customer data weekly, compared to just 16% of lower-performing customers that do the same. The takeaway? If you want to be a digital leader, start prioritizing customer data.

Research by Jeff Lash, Forrester’s VP and Group Director of Product Management, aligns with McKinsey’s findings—and so does our own history of bringing customer insights to businesses around the world. Which is why we teamed up with Lash for a webinar on how customer insights connect teams to the people who use their products and help deliver better business results.

The webinar was full of actionable information. We distilled it down to the five key takeaways you need to know about customer insights.


Make Smarter Product Bets with Customer Insights

Watch our webinar with Jeff Lash, VP and Group Director for Product Management research at Forrester, to learn how to use behavioral data to create a winning digital experience.